Warrawong Wildlife Sanctuary

Arborgreen recently donated some tree guards and landscape tools to help out the crew over at Warrawong Wildlife Sanctuary with their restoration efforts. Here’s a short video we put together in late July 2019 of the Mallee Mesh tree guards being installed and one of their resident kangaroos keeping an eye on proceedings!

The Warrawong ‘office’ looks like a pretty nice place to work complete with inquisitive kangaroos, magpie geese and other native wildlife including of course their Platypus. If you’re in or visiting Adelaide be sure to visit – it’s a great stop on your day out if you have young children: www.warrawongws.com.au

The main feeding area contains a row of young trees that have been protected by the trusted age old method of wrapping in chicken wire secured to steel star pickets. Arborgreen donated new hardwood stakes and Mallee Mesh Tree Guards as a more aesthetic alternative. We developed our mesh tree guards to take the hassle out of installing guards on-site, eliminating cutting rolls of wire in the field and this was no exception; the volunteer group, having never used the guards before, had the first half-a-dozen guards installed in under two hours. We’ll keep an eye on how the guards perform over the course of the next year.

We first noticed in our Facebook feed that Warrawong were seeking local help to build a Dingo enclosure to move some of their animals over from Perth to their Adelaide sanctuary. As Arborgreen is based in the Adelaide Hills at Mount Barker the sanctuary is not far away from us so we thought we’d help in any way we can, while giving us the oportunity to see our products at work in a more controlled environment.

Warrawong Volunteers Removing the old Tree Guards

The crew is doing an amazing job at restoring the sanctuary that was left abandoned for several years – an important location where Platypus were first bred in a captive environment and once again you may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the elusive Platypus in the lower lakes. Checkout their Facebook page and if you’re visiting the Adelaide Hills be sure to visit.