Arborgreen at the River Youth Fest

Saplings protected by BioGuard Pop at the River Youth Fest

We partnered with OzGREEN to get 300 trees in the ground with First Nations and local youth during the River Youth Festival.

During this event, the Arborgreen team helped coach young tree-planters on how to plant their seedlings for the best survival outcomes. We donated over 300 GreenGuards to help protect these newly planted trees, shrubs and ground covers, as well as bamboo canes to support the guards.

The River Youth Fest was an incredible collaborative effort between OzGREEN and its partners and an opportunity to grow the passion of young people for creating a greener future. Two of our team members attended this event (thanks, Mary-Claire and Sam), and they had a fantastic time helping kids learn about planting trees and effectively installing tree guards. Encouraging and assisting youth to understand the importance of planting trees and caring for them is so important to us, and it was fantastic to see so much interest and enthusiasm on the day.

You can read more about how Arborgreen supports Ozgreen through local environmental initiatives here or browse the image gallery below.