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Also checkout our Grow blog series series for some detailed information on revegetation, weed management and site assement written by our in-house expert Sam Dalton. Sam worked for many years directly in the revegetation sector.

As a general rule, it is best to use a stake that is a minimum of 300mm longer than the tree guard. This allows enough to knock it into the ground to provide optimum stability and support.

Depending on the type of guard you’re going to install and type of animals your trying to deter; 25x25mm stakes are good for rabbits and are perfect for the 800mm high Mallee Mesh, 38x38mm stakes are good for sheep, kangaroos and deer and are perfect for the larger 1.2m high Mallee Mesh. Local conditions may impact the type of stake and number of stakes required. Sheep and deer may require 3 stakes per guard especially if food such as grasses is in limited supply.

If you are installing Corflute tree guards we have developed our custom ‘no-spin’ 11 x 38mm hardwood stake, which allows fast and secure installation with only a single stake. When using the standard 450mm high Corflute Guards, use the PL113875 750mm high stake.

Some customers, typically in tropical regions, prefer to use the taller 600mm high Corflute Guards. In this case the best ‘no-spin’ stake to use is the PL113890 900mm.

For urban applications 50x50mm stakes are ideal for our Willunga street tree guards. We now have 50mm stakes available in painted black; in both 1.8m and 2.1m lengths.

For urban applications 50x50mm stakes are ideal for our Willunga street tree guards. We now have 50mm stakes available in painted black; in both 1.8m and 2.1m lengths.

Bypass secateurs & loppers use 2 blades that glide past each other, enabling a sharp clean cut, close to the stem or root. They are ideal for cutting living plant tissue and make a perfect all round secateur to use. Bypass secateurs generally offer a greater range of sizes and options to suit smaller or larger hands, different grips for greater comfort and roll handle options for all day use.

Anvil secateurs & loppers have a cutting blade that comes in contact with smooth metal and are suitable for cutting finger thick branches and solid wood, however anvil secateurs do bruise the plant tissue and should only really be used for dead wood. Some large anvil loppers are rated to cut wood up to 50mm in diameter.

Hessian tree tie is made from natural fibres and will break down within 6-12 months. Polyethylene tree tie is UV stabilised and is designed to last up to 2 years.

Field King sprayers feature an exclusive no leak internal pump that is guaranteed to never leak on the user. They come standard with a full comfort harness which is designed to evenly disperse the weight across your back. They also contain Viton Gaskets and seals which provide maximum resistance to chemicals. SOLO back pack sprayers contain seals, that once are worn out, may leak chemical onto the user. Arborgreen sells both brands and we stock the full range of spare parts plus spray wands & accessories.

Locally placed orders will be delivered the next day. Remote deliveries and interstate deliveries have an ETA of 2-4 days. If the product is on back-order or requires a special purpose order we will let you know a delivery time. Specials orders may include items such as our Tree Trolley and Urban Tree Grates which are often made to order.

Native plants require very low phosphorus levels; using a general purpose fertiliser can often harm the plant. Ornamentals and fruit trees thrive on higher phosphorous levels.

You can use the organic based Pelargonic acid (eg: Slasher) as an alternative however it needs a higher mixing ratio to be effective (increased cost). Another alternative is to use Glufosinate ammonium but this needs to have greater contact on the weeds to be effective and is still chemical based. There are also products which are more selective in targeting certain types of plants – give us call to find out more.

Jute matting will generally last between 12 to 36 months depending on the thickness and weather conditions whereas Coir will generally last 2 to 5 years or more.