Zoos South Australia Partnership

Tasmanian Devil in front of bush
Photo Credit: Adrian Mann

We are proud to support Zoos South Australia and the endangered Tasmanian Devil.

At Arborgreen, we are dedicated to playing an active role in habitat restoration and biodiversity preservation. Our proud partnership with Zoos South Australia focuses on supporting the endangered Tasmanian Devil, a feisty and iconic species facing a dire threat.

Monarto Safari Park, under our collaborative efforts, is a thriving home to 14 Tasmanian Devils. Our commitment to this initiative ensures the species’ survival in case a cure remains elusive for the cancerous facial tumor devastating the native population.

We encourage you to visit the Tasmanian Devils and all of the other endangered animals across Adelaide Zoos & Monarto Safari Park. As a conservation charity, each time you visit you’re doing your part to support endangered species from becoming extinct.

To learn more about how you can support Tasmanian Devils and other endangered species, click the link below!