Mallee BioGuard 2L Carton Tree Guard

The 2L Carton BioGuard is manufactured in Australia from 100% Biodegradable stock; certified to TUV home compostability standards in Europe.

The guard offers protection to plants and saplings for the first year and will fully degrade into the environment over 2 to 3 years. They will naturally biodegrade in home compost into CO2, water and biomass within approximately 24 weeks.

  • cost effective for large scale projects
  • easy to install with pre-cut slots for bamboo canes
  • low wind areas
  • provides protection from the weather for the 1st year of life; white interior helps promote plant growth offers some protection from spray drift
  • protects the plants from small browsing animals
  • easy to store and transport; supplied as a box of 250 (flat-packed; simply squeeze to open guard)
  • dimensions: 95x95x300mm (installed)
  • Bamboo canes sold separately: 8-10mm or 10-12mm x600mm recommended