Excavate Tree Planting Holes in just Minutes

Planting lots of trees?

Tree planting is back-breaking, time-consuming work which can be costly, especially with larger planting projects. Our new Bighorn high pressure Hydro Auger enables your team to dig a typical root-ball size hole in just minutes, even in the hardest of soil types, enabling you to plant more trees per dayˆ and complete your project faster.
ˆcompared with traditional tree planting methods.

Need holes for the tree stakes?
No problem – use the lance to bore a narrow hole in just seconds! The resultant hole is deeper than you typically achieve with a post driver ensuring sturdy long-lasting support for the tree during its first years of life.

Dig, water and fertilise in a fraction of the time and a fraction of the cost.

  • Excavate tree planting holes in minutes.
  • Reduced machinery and fuel expense.
  • More of your staff can operate the Hydro Auger with no license required.

Water and fertilise while you excavate. Liquid fertiliser can be easily added to the water through the fertiliser dispenser allowing you to feed the trees while you plant.

What about underground infrastructure?

There is less likelihood of damage to underground services, resulting in a reduction in ‘Dial Before You Dig’ fees. The same water jet pressure has been tested on underground services and this pressure is unlikely to damage cables or conduit* – watch video
*Damage can occur at 25mm from underground services when applied for longer than 10 seconds.

Bighorn Hydro Auger features:

  • Easily mounts to the back of a tray-top ute, 4WD, small truck or trailer.
  • 13HP Honda GX390 engine with electric start, mated to a 3,650 psi Italian made brass head pump for long service life.
  • Comes complete with a high pressure 900mm stainless steel lance, suitable nozzle, 20m abrasion resistant HP hose and auto-hose reel.
  • Add liquid fertiliser to the water while you excavate using the fertiliser dispenser attachment.
Bighorn Hydro Auger on Trailer
Neutrog 20L Seamungus Liquid


Receive a free 20L container of Neutrog Seamungus Liquid Concentrate if you order your Bighorn Hydro Auger before 31 January 2021. Use Neutrog Seamungus with the Bighorn Hydro Auger to fertilise the soil while you excavate the tree holes, giving you the best results.

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