Feature your Planting Project

Feature your tree planting project!

Have you, your local community group, school group, local council group or business recently completed a noteworthy tree planting or bush regeneration project?

Submit your details to us via the form here (right). Selected entries will be offered the opportunity to feature their project with us. In return we’ll donate a selection of suitable goods and/or products to help your team with future projects.

Community groups and local business can make a real difference in helping regenerate Australia’s bushland, restore water habitats, and help rejuvenate bushfire affected areas. By featuring projects from around the country we can help others with useful ideas & techniques and provide an overview of project objectives and outcomes. For public parks, gardens and reserves others may be encouraged to come and visit.

Example: District Council of Mount Barker

Please provide two to five clear and concise paragraphs describing the project. If possible include project objectives and outcomes. If your project is featured on a website or social media platform please include a URL.
Please add any special mentions / credit for contributors or enablers of the project (eg: local councils, local businesses, charities, schools, community groups).