Ecology and Natural Resources

A list of resources and useful information related to how products we supply might be used and/or specialist services many of our customers and clients may offer.

This is a guide only; not a recommendation to any one business or service. Some information may require professional expertise or engineering services. We will add to and update the list over time.

Planting Trees as Living Firebreaks

Planting Trees as Living Firebreaks

Interesting case studies and articles around planting particular tree species as a natural fire break. Info. by Small Tree Farm Tree Nursery in Balingup, Western Australia

Victorian Landcare Gateway website – Fire Recovery Resources

Lots of information, resources and links on all aspects regarding fire recovery. Compiled afer the Mickleham-Kilmore fire, north of Melbourne, in February 2014 it has been updated to include information for the 2019/2020 bushfires.

Soil Erosion and Management – Queensland Government

Storm Water Netting – South Australian manufacturer and installer

This simple system of using large nets over stormwater outflow pipes and creek systems. Offers a fail-safe release mechanism tethered to the surrounding infrastructure. This had some media coverage a while ago but it took some searching to find a local supplier & fabricator.

How to care for urban creeks

Information by the Department for Environment and Water, South Australia. You’ll find posts here for many other things about your local environment too.

Natural Resources – Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges

Trees for Life – SA Bushfire Recovery

Help or participate in the recovery and revegetation efforts.

Catchments & Creeks

A consultancy based in Brisbane . Their website offers lots of useful information in regard to the management of creeks, waterways, stormwater managment and erosion control.